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Item Number UK-25, Universal Steam Trap Repair Kits - UK Series

Series 'UNI-KIT'

The COLTON 'Uni-Kit' Series universal repair kits are designed to fit a wide variety of makes and models of low pressure thermostatic radiator steam traps for up to 30 psig saturated steam service.

The following is a list of some of the manufacturers whose thermostatic steam traps can be repaired with our universal kit:
  • Warren Webster
  • Illinois
  • Sarco
  • Sterling
  • Barnes & Jones
  • Marsh
  • Dunham Bush
  • Hoffman
  • Trane
  • Erwel
  • Quick, Easy, Economical Installation:

Unit of Measure: Imperial Metric Both



Replacement Air Vents for F&T Traps (15 and 30 psi)

Original Trap Manufacturer


Original Trap Model Number, Size 3/4"1

Series FT 3/4" - 2"

Capsule Material

Stainless Steel

Seat/Adaptor Material

Stainless Steel
1 For traps made prior to 1931. '-1' will be omitted from markings on body.


"Uni-Kit" Universal Steam Trap Repair Kits - Product Data Bulletin
(PDF, 146KB)