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Auto-Clean Self Cleaning Automatic Strainer

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"Auto-Clean" Self Cleaning Automatic Strainer

Custom built self-cleaning basket strainer. Can be fabricated from various metals and built to pressure classes up to ANSI class 1500.

The general operation of the Colton"Auto-Clean"Strainer is outlined below.

    1. The unfiltered fluid enters the strainer inlet into the lower single chamber. This chamber acts to both slow the fluid prior to straining and to collect any settled debris.
    2. The fluid passes upward and then radially through the wedge wire straining element. Debris larger then the wedge wire slot size is unable to pass through the straining element.
    3. The clean fluid continues through the properly proportioned flow path and out the strainer outlet.
    4. When backwashing is initialized, either manually or automatically, the differential pressure between the line pressure and atmosphere is the driving force behind the backwashing process.
    5. A hollow tubular backwash assembly which is piped to the atmosphere slowly rotates in close contact with the internal straining element. Only a small portion of the screen is isolated allowing for uninterrupted operation of the strainer during the backwashing process.
    6. The pressure differential causes a large reverse flow across the screen and into the tubular backwash assembly. A port shoe, interconnecting the tubular backwash assembly, optimizes the effectiveness of this backwash jet stream.
    7. Unwanted debris is carried into the full port backwash manifold and out the backwash connection. During the whole operation the flow remains uninterrupted keeping flow loss at a minimum.
The operation of the"Auto-Clean" is controlled by an electrical panel, an actuated valveand a differential pressure switch. The cleaning cycle can be initiated manually, by differential pressure or by a timer.

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"Auto-Clean" Strainer - Product Data Bulletin
(PDF, 194KB)