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Item Number BDT-3000, Blowdown Tank - BDT Series

Series 'BDT' Blowdown Tanks

COLTON Industries offers blowdown tanks in varying sizes to retain and then discharge intermittent boiler blowdown to drain. The COLTON blowdown tank features an internal weir arrangement to retain the boiler blowdown and allow it to cool before being purged by the next blowdown cycle.

Ordering Information Required:
Operating pressure and the horse power of the boiler that will be feeding the selected tank.

If more than one boiler will be discharging into the selected tank, advise the horsepower of each boiler as well as its operating pressure, the frequency and sequence of blowdown.

Sample Options:
  • Thermostatic Cooling Control
  • Thermometer
  • Vent Condenser

Unit of Measure: Imperial Metric Both


Nominal Boiler HP

751 to 3000


48 in


69 in


8 in

Inspect. Cover 1

12 x 16 in

Cold Water 2

3/4 in

Drain 3

1 1/2 in

Inlet 4

2 in

Vent 5

4 in

Outlet 6

4 in

Herm. 7

1/2 in

Temperature Sensor 8

1 1/2 in


1433 lb

Design Pressure

100 psig

Design Temperature

450 ºF

Design Code

ASME Section VIII, Div. 1, latest revision

Max. Boiler Pressure

600 psig

Material of Construction

Carbon Steel (Optional Stainless Steel)


BDT Series - Product Data Bulletin
(PDF, 91KB)

Blowdown Tanks - Installation, Operating & Maintenance Instructions
(PDF, 123KB)