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Item Number PHEA, Packaged Heat Exchanger Assemblies

Heat Exchanger Packages

COLTON Industries offers heat exchanger packages using a variety of heat exchanger designs, a broad range of temperature controls and custom frame styles to suit your specific requirements.

Ordering Information Required:
Product to be heated or cooled (include specific heat and gravity if other than water).

Pressure of product to be heated/cooled.

Allowable pressure drop of product to be heated/cooled.

Maximum and minimum flow rate of product to be heated/cooled.

Inlet temperature of product to be heated/cooled.

Outlet temperature of product to be heated/cooled.

Heating or cooling medium........... Steam, Water, Hot Oil, Glycol, etc.

Pressure of heating/cooling medium.

Allowable pressure drop across the package (no answer required. if heating with steam).

Inlet temperature of heating/cooling medium.

Environment........... indoor, outdoor, explosion-proof, weatherproof, etc.

Brief description of system:
  • Is the product being used for wash-down, domestic hot water, process, etc.
  • Is it a continuous, modulating or batch application.
Sample Options:
  • High and/or low temperature alarms and/or cut-offs
  • High and/or low flow alarms and/or cut-offs
  • Customized temperature control packages
  • Circulation pumps
  • Design assistance


Packaged Heat Exchanger Assemblies - Product Data Bulletin
(PDF, 124KB)